sesame seed oil

When it comes to enjoying our food, picking the right blend of tastes is so essential. Many times, though, all it can take is a simple adjustment to a recipe to come up with something even better than before. One change in the ingredients can turn around what might have been a dour, dull recipe into something creative and tasty. With that in mind, you might want to focus on looking into some Asian-inspired recipes. Take a famous Asian dish from one recipe and it can be very different to a recipe for what is supposed to be the same dish!

If you want to find a quality recipe to enjoy, though, here are some Asian-inspired dishes with sesame seed oil. This particular oil has become very popular in the culinary world, and these recipes – once tried – will help you to understand why.

Soba noodles with sesame seed oil

A good place to start, we believe, is with this recipe. It’s a great choice as it tastes very refreshing, comes powered with a very distinctive taste, and can be enjoyed as both a heavy lunch or a lighter dinner. It does not add too much in the way of calories, and the end result is a hugely enjoyable food product that is immensely satisfying.

Soba noodles are a common choice of dish today for many cooking Asian foods, and the addition of some sesame seed oil can really spice up the overall taste profile.

Asian sesame seed dressing

Another option for anyone looking to simply add a sesame seed dressing to a dish would be to use this dressing recipe. It tastes great, retains all of the richness of sesame seed oil in terms of flavour, and can provide something highly satisfying for just about anyone

Sesame seed oil dressings are highly popular today in the culinary world, especially in Asian cooking. This classy yet simple dressing could be used for just about any Asian dish you desire. It makes a great coating to help really add extra bite and flavour to any meal.

Prawn dim sum

A fine choice would be this James Martin recipe for some classic prawn dim sum. This is made with a very rich and enjoyable taste, and the sesame seed oil makes it easy to complement with just about any other ingredient you use.

The creation of a rich and enjoyable prawn-flavoured dim sum can be just what you are looking for to help add another string to your bow when it comes to enjoying classic Asian cuisine. Definitely one to try if you are someone who is open-minded to trying out common dishes from across the continent.

Singapore sesame seed oil noodles

Another fine addition to any list of quality Asian foods using sesame seed oil would be Singapore noodles. This could give you everything you are looking for in terms of taste and richness – especially if you want a hearty, filling dish.

The noodles help to add to the taste, of course, but it is the sesame seed oil that adds that rich, enjoyable finishing touch to the end of the dish. Definitely, one that we would recommend to anyone who is hoping to find a classy Singapore-inspired food dish to make for the rest of the family.

Miso prawns

The fresh combination of prawns and coriander is a common mixture in Asian cuisine, and this offers you all of the tastes that you would be hoping for. This is an overall easy to make dish that can be easy to put together, with a very rich and satisfying flavour that is easy to enjoy. A big bonus of this dish is that it does not take too much preparation, and the end result is a really satisfying dish that can make the ideal dinner for anyone looking to create something highly satisfying without too much prep time.

Korean fried chicken

Lastly, we highly recommend that you take a look at this Korean fried chicken recipe. It is easy to make, offers a very satisfying dish made in Korea but enjoyed around the world, and it works perfectly with sesame seed oil.

The end result is a deeply enjoyable taste that is satisfyingly mild but works well with just about any kind of sauce that you might choose.

So, which of the above Asian inspired cuisines do you think you would be most interested in trying out? Which of the above dishes are you most excited to make using some sesame seed oil?