pregnant meditation

Ask anyone who has gone through pregnancy – even the most serene pregnancies can be immensely stressful. A common issue for many people is that they find that as the experience goes on they become more and more stressed. From lifestyle challenges to problems either directly or indirectly caused by the pregnancy itself, many mothers-to-be can find it hard to enjoy this journey.

If you want to try and find a way to calm down a touch and relax, though, you should try these pregnancy meditation techniques. They are designed to help you find a bit of extra peace of mind during the process and to bring yourself back into a calmer thought process.

It is easy to get stressed during such an important and fragile time in your life. However, the below techniques can make coping a little bit easier moving forward.

Breathe in for the baby

One of the best solutions for meditation for pregnancy is to keep it very simple. You are already stressed out; we aren’t going to ask you to try and crack the secrets behind meditation whilst you are having a child!

So, this simple little pregnancy meditation technique is built on saying a mantra over and over. For many people, positive reaffirmation of their goals or desires is a great way to meditate. Simply find a quiet place at home, and say your mantra over and over. Some go for something simple like ‘breathe in for baby’ – hence the name of this technique.

It is as simple as finding a comfortable sitting position, finding a relaxing place that is low traffic with others, and simply repeating the mantra to yourself. Either say it out loud, start by saying it aloud and then saying it internally, or start internally. It is up to you – whatever works!

Always focus on your belly

One of the most important parts of your pregnancy meditation is to make sure you always focus on the belly. This is where the baby is, obviously, but it can be very important to focus your hands on the belly. You should try and focus on a comfortable seating position (most find sitting in a comfortable place, like the bed, with legs crossed is a good place to start) and then close your eyes, breathing in deeply and exhaling slowly.

As you do this, rest your hands on the belly and keep your back as straight as you can. Think about the breathing of your baby as you do so, always trying to focus on sensations like movement or warmth. Breathing in slowly and exhaling slowly can be a good way to slowly refocus the mind to what matters: the baby.

Soon, all the other noise simply becomes that – noise.

Focus on emptying your lungs

A big problem for many people when pregnant is trying to find a moment to simply shut down their minds. There is so much to think about, even to worry about, during a pregnancy. Most of the time, though, your thoughts and fears are based very much on ‘what if?’ scenarios – things that may likely never actually happen.

With that in mind, you should try and focus on one thing: emptying your lungs. Do this by sitting in the comfiest position you can, and really focusing on pushing all of the air out of your lungs. Then, breathe in deeply and repeat the same process. Do this for 5-10 minutes per day, and you can soon find that your mind is much clearer. Snapping into that focus on just your breathing can make it much harder to lose your thoughts on everything else.

Find a relaxing theme

Most people going through pregnancy end up with little signatures about that time period. It can be things like certain foods, scents, smells, pieces of clothing, and songs. You should therefore try and find something that you feel inspired by – try, if possible, to focus on instrumental music. Something without lyrics means you are less likely to find yourself either singing along or being mentally distracted by the words.

Instead, an instrumental song played at the right volume in the background can soon create the ideal conditions for drifting off and falling into a proper meditation. If you find that your brain is too racy to try and find peace, then having a song on in the background can be enough to help you focus on blissful nothing.

Try out the above pregnancy meditation techniques, and you should soon find that you are far, far less stressed out before, during, and after your pregnancy has begun.