Can you end a conclusion with a quote?

Can you end a conclusion with a quote?

“I beg of you, use this power for good, for great things.” -Don Quixote

How do you write a persuasive conclusion?

A persuasive conclusion is an important part of your writing. It wraps up the argument, refuting any opposing points and leaving the reader with a positive takeaway. Keep it short and to the point, but make sure that you include a call to action so they can take immediate action after reading it.

Should a conclusion be longer than an introduction?

A conclusion is the last portion of a broad, research-based article or blog post. It is appropriate to leave the reader with some type of message or ideas that they can take with them when they close the article. The key to writing a good conclusion is making sure that it leaves the reader thinking about what you’ve written.

How can I start my introduction?

The conclusion of an introduction should try to make a statement about the reader and then ask for their participation or opinion. The conclusion is usually just one sentence in length.

How do you start a new sentence?

Introducing a new sentence should be done with a comma before the last word of the old sentence.

How do I know when to start a new paragraph?

This blog post is about how to write a paragraph. It’s not about how paragraphs work in the real world, so I hope that this blog post will be helpful for you when writing your own sentences and paragraphs.

What should you never start a sentence with?

A conclusion is the final point of a sentence, typically used to restate or summarize the idea in the preceding paragraph. It should always come at the end of a sentence.