Can you finish an essay with a quote?

Can you finish an essay with a quote?

My conclusion is as follows:

How do you end a paragraph with a quote?

For example:
Some of the most beautiful words I’ve ever read were from Aristotle, who said “if we knew what it was that led to peace, war would no longer exist.”

How do you conclude a quote?

One must conclude that Donald Trump’s policies are not in the best interests of the United States.

What are the parts of a conclusion?

The conclusion is the final paragraph of your paper. It should have a clear explanation of what you did in the paper and what you found. When it comes to your conclusion, it’s important not just to tell the reader something they didn’t know but to actually convince them that your research was worth their time and energy.

What 3 things does a conclusion need?

A conclusion needs to summarize the main points of your blog post, tell the reader what you will be doing from here on out, and give some final thoughts about what you have written. It is important that you end with a reaffirmation of why or how your reader should continue reading in order to place a call-to-action.

What should a conclusion of an essay include?

Conclusiones importantes para las conclusiones de un ensayo secundario son los siguientes:

How do you write an introduction and conclusion?

It’s important that you write an introduction and conclusion. These two sections are the beginning and ending to your essay/story. For longer, more in-depth essays, you should have a thesis and a body argument that supports this thesis. Make sure to include specific examples throughout your essay so that it flows seamlessly.

What is an introduction and conclusion?

The conclusion is that a conclusion is the summary of your paper. It gives the reader an indication of what you think, state or believe about the topic. It often includes a call to action for the reader, stating whether they should take any particular action or not. Check out some sample conclusions below!

How do you right an essay fast?

Conclusion is the culmination of your essay. It wraps up the most important points of your essay, explains how you reached your conclusion, and provides some additional thoughts. The conclusion should be in a similar style to the rest of your essay, because it gives readers everything they need to know at this point.