Delicious seaweed based recipes

While seaweed today is commonly recognised for its overall goodness, not everyone finds ways to cook with seaweed. However, when used in the right kind of recipe, seaweed can be a simply tremendous way to add some life and taste into a meal. It can also be an excellent source of nutrition, as seaweed is shown to be rich in various nutrients and minerals that our bodies crave.

However, some find it hard to use seaweed as it can have such a particular texture and style. As such, not everyone knows how to cook with seaweed as a primary ingredient. To help you make that easier on yourself, we have put together a list of some delicious seaweed based recipes that we love to cook with. Use these in the right combination, and you can find that this helps you to fill in a few nights per week worth of meals.

With an excellent variability, too, you can easily use seaweed in various forms of cooking if you want to help add a bit of extra taste and charisma to your next meal. So, what are some of the seaweed recipes that we recommend you try out today?

The most delicious seaweed based recipes


A fine place to start for a seaweed heavy recipe would be with some kimchi. Kimchi is a great dish that can be easily made more vegan-friendly, and this recipes ensures that this is the case. By using seaweed as the main flavour, you get something that is very satisfying to eat and also very wholesome. It should be an easy dish to enjoy if you are looking for something a little bit different.

If you fancy adding more plant-based foods into your diet, then this recipe ensures you can still enjoy a highly satisfying flavour overall.

Rice & quinoa sushi bowl

Another great pick for a seaweed-heavy recipe would be to try out this sushi bowl. It uses rice and quinoa to help add extra flavour and bulk, but it uses the rich flavour of the seaweed to help make a very satisfying and filling dish. The blend of rice, quinoa, prawns, sweet potato, and seaweed all work with one another to create a highly satisfying dish that you should have no problem at all in enjoying.

Ideal as a dinner dish but also a great choice for those looking for a more filling lunch, too.

Shrimp burger

If you fancy a more burger-based meal then you should absolutely look to try out this shrimp burger. This makes good use of the seaweed to help add in some extra flavour that can spark the entire burger into life. The combination of the shrimp with the seaweed slaw is something very different to most burgers that you might have made in the past, too. It creates a crunchy, tasty umami boost that can really make this something different.

If you fancy a burger with a bit of extra pep and flavour, this is one to try out for sure.

Vegetable jims

Another fine addition to your seaweed recipe collection should be these veggie jims. These are a good choice as they are meat-free and can work well as a snack or as an extra side to a meal. The creation involves sunflower and pumpkin seeds with some extra seaweed in there to help punch in the flavour and really make a big difference.

These make a positively excellent choice for those who want to add some more seaweed inspired snacks into their food collection. Try it out for yourself today and see why so many people are eating this particular product as a snack.

Seaweed risotto

Another excellent pick for most who enjoy risotto style dishes would be this seaweed risotto. It is a great choice as it is rich in flavour but also comes with a great, filling side. Risotto dishes should leave you feeling well-fed and this does just that, leaving you with a highly satisfying dish that is very rich in flavour and in taste.

A good choice for sure for anyone who is looking for a more Italian-inspired meal that can still make good use of seaweed to help hyper-boost that flavour.  

So, out of all of the above recipes, which do you think that you would enjoy the most? Where do you think you could find the maximum when it comes to flavour and style? What dish jumps out at you from the list the most?