Dessert recipes with dates

When it comes to making a dessert at night, it is easy to keep things simple and ‘bad’ for you. Things like chocolates, sponges, syrups etc. are common in most desserts. However, one item to add into your dessert creation that you might not normally try out would be the humble Date. Dates are used all the time in cooking today, and have become highly popular for those who are looking for something a little bit different.

If you would like a dessert that comes absolutely bursting with flavour, then you should take a look at getting some date-based recipes like the ones we have recommended below. Each of these should offer a high class experience that tastes good, is easy to work with, and can be the perfect finishing touch to just about any dessert on this list.

Instead of sticking with plain old chocolate cakes and the like, try out some of the below recipes for something with a big difference. All it takes is the right choice of mixed ingredients and dates can soon become your go-to choice when you want a dessert with a difference.

So, what are some of the best dessert recipes with dates?

The best dessert recipes with dates

Sticky date pudding

What list of desserts would not be complete without some sticky date pudding? This is very easy to make and should be something that anyone could create with a bit of time and patience. It is a great comfort pudding, very rich in flavour and highly satisfying for just about anyone with a love of pudding.

The richness of the flavour is almost immediate, while the dates help to add something totally different from a usual syrupy sponge dish. Definitely one to think about trying if you fancy a pudding that comes with a pinch of extra flavour.

Date and coconut brownie cake

If you want something a touch more complex than the above, then might we recommend you try out this coconut and date brownie cake?

This is a touch more advanced due to the layers, but you should have no problem at all in putting this together and enjoying its flavour. A rich and endearing food that comes absolutely bursting at the seams in terms of flavour and richness. It is a good choice, too, for anyone who wants to make a sourdough based dessert, too, as this uses sourdough to create a different flour base.

Date-orange stuffed cookies

Another tremendous one to add to your baking collection would be these date-orange stuffed cookies. These taste tremendous as they offer you such a rich and enjoyable taste with each bite, while the spices work together to help create something a little bit different. A great choice for a winter dessert, or a baked treat to enjoy on a colder evening when you just want that extra helping of richness and flavour.

Definitely one to add to your collection if you like a spicier dessert, as this offers something that is so simple to enjoy in-full.

Date caramel

Of course, if you want to keep things nice and simple you might want to look at this surprisingly healthy date caramel. The richness is immediate, and this caramel might even be the ideal dipping sauce for something else that you create. This could be used to help fill out things like cookies, too, so you could use this date caramel on its own or you could fill things like brownies or chocolate cups with this gorgeous flavour.

An excellent choice for just about anyone on the lookout for a date dish that can play nice with others.

Peanut butter dates

If you like peanut butter then trying out these peanut butter stuffed dates should be high up on your list of things to try out. These are very endearing as they are so easy to make, while the actual richness of the flavour comes from the combination of the dates with the peanut butter. This helps to create something very chewy and satisfying, and it can even include something like honey, caramel, or some cinnamon to help add another blend of flavour.

Easy to make, simple to enjoy, and the perfect pick-up choice for those who are just beginning their journey into date-based dessert products.

As you can see, dates are easily used within the recipe world and can make some very impressive dishes indeed. If you want a hand in making the right choice, then we recommend you try out something from the above!