diy dry shampoo

Speak to any hair care specialist, and they will tell you that using shampoo and conditioner on your hair on a daily basis is not a good idea. This can weaken your hair and strip it of some of its natural lustre and protection, including key oils for your hair. That is a serious issue and something that you should look to avoid if you wish to keep your hair in the best condition that you can. When your hair gets smelly, though, you naturally want to wash it again. However, a decent alternative is to instead use some dry shampoo.

If you want to make sure you can take better care of your hair, then you should try using some DIY dry shampoo recipes. These recipes can give you exactly what you need to keep your hair feeling fresher and free from odours.

DIY dry shampoo recipes

Activated charcoal dry shampoo

A good place to start for many people would be to go down the route of a DIY dry shampoo that uses activated charcoal. To make this recipe, you need only have a few key ingredients. This includes this activated dry shampoo solution that you can make at home.

While some of the ingredients might be hard to find and/or expensive, the end result is a very impressive DIY shampoo. This can be then be used repeatedly and is highly recommended for all individuals who have darker hair colours.

These shampoos work well as they simply feel good in your hair. It spreads well, it can give your hair a bit of extra protection, and it is designed to be ideal for the colour of hair that you have. This might also help you to deal with things like dandruff and/or scalp roughness, too.

Keep it simple DIY shampoo

Another option for most who want to keep things nice and easy would be to make up a DIY shampoo that uses a few specific ingredients. By mixing together some arrowroot powder, some white kaolin clay, and some essential oils (such as tea tree oil), you can easily give your hair that extra durability that it needs thanks to the use of your dry shampoo.

This is easy to make, with all of the dry ingredients mixed together and then brought together with the drops of essential oils that are then included. This will then need a bit of water to help make sure that the formula comes out, but it will not be watered down. You can find out more by looking at this simple DIY dry shampoo recipe that gives you all of the support you need to properly look after your hair.

Oatmeal and baking soda

Sometimes, the best ingredients are ones that are already sitting in your pantry. Oatmeal and baking soda, when combined together – around 2 tablespoons of each – can work well to help make sure that your roots retain their strength. Make sure that you mix this in tightly into your hair, though, and that you brush out any excess once you are done.

This is a powerful and strong cleaning blend that can work well to make sure your hair stays feeling strong and durable. It also works well because the two products together work well as a cleaning agent, and can help to get rid of dirt, debris, and dandruff that is stuck in your hair.

For those who have hair with an odour, too, this can help to neutralize the smell and make sure that your hair no longer has any kind of unenjoyable odour.

Bentonite clay dry shampoo

The easiest DIY dry shampoo recipe to make, though, is to simply take some bentonite clay and a colouring powder of your choice. Sprinkle some of this onto your hairbrush and then brush consistently and thoroughly into your hair.

You could even add some of the clay onto the roots of your hair and then brush it through using the brush. This is good as it can be easily absorbed into your hair and can do a good job of killing off smells that you would rather were not hanging around.

Keep the above in mind, and you should find it much easier to make some dry shampoo. The last two recipes, if you will, are the easiest to make as they are containing only products that you are already likely to have at home. Try out any of the above, though, for an easier time taking care of your hair moving forward in future.