In the modern world, we have grown increasingly wedded to the idea of technology being essential to life. Everything that we do today is connected in some way to technology. Even simple things like going for a walk or a run is now powered by using technology to track our performance. It is nigh-impossible to find anything to do in life that will not at least utilise one form of technology throughout the experience.

You should therefore look into whether or not you think technology is a good or a bad thing. This is a hugely subjective matter, and there will be many arguments either way. In a bid to try and find some neutrality on the topic, we will break down some of the most common reasons given for why technology is a force for good. Then, we will evaluate some reasons why it might be a less positive experience for wider society.

Technology as a force for good

So, technology plays a huge role in making so many parts of our world easier. One of the main ways that tech has improved our world, though, is the ability to communicate with people from afar. In the past, we were limited to simple solutions such as written mail. Today, we can communicate with friends, family, colleagues, and clients who are on a totally different continent to us.

This makes it easier to understand other cultures, to work together, and to better create a world that suitable for everyone. However, technology also has introduced so many means of production that were simply impossible without their development. Today, we can easily speed up production of everything from food products to mechanical items to housing even through to industries medicine and beyond.

It would be hard to deny that technology also makes preservation easier. Today, we can keep masses of data that could easily have been erased from the world by storing it online. We can keep records, information, and facts about everything from our persona lives to essential data about people and the wider population. This allows us to be more far more organised, to keep everything in places that it can be easily accessed, and to improve our ability to share information with those who want and need it.

Technology also plays a huge role in things like security, too. Today, we can easily point to the positive benefits of things like security cameras. It allows us to create a world that is safer, that is easier to organise, and is generally more accessible for those who might otherwise struggle.

Technology, then, can be seen as a major force for good in the right hands.

Technology as a societal negative

However, everything we have listed above could be swapped around into a negative. Technology allows us to communicate, but it also allows us to abuse, spread misinformation, and create disharmony. It allows people to send anonymous abuse and insults to people whom they have never met. It perpetuates inequality, too, as the nations with the most resources and income can build better technology, thus creating a gap between the haves and the have-nots.

It also makes it easier to spread lies about cultures, people, and various other key factors of our world. Today, we can easily find ‘facts’ online that are nothing of the sort; they are information segments that have been removed entirely of any semblance of reality. This is a common problem with the rise of things like social media and non-authority information sources.

Another negative of technology is that it can lead to mass production of material goods that, before long, lie in waste skips and landfills. It creates a damaging and false system where products are made simply because they can be, not because there is a genuine need for them to be invented. This leads to more environmental destruction, pollution, and also contributes to inequality through the aforementioned ability for the bigger companies and countries to develop at a rate that smaller competitors are unable to keep up with.

All of these factors come together and creates a world where we often lack what we need, but have infinite choice for things that we want. It is easy to buy an entertainment product for hundreds of dollars; it is much harder to buy quality, fresh food that you can trust. Security, too, is flawed; for all of the safety provided by surveillance, it has also had a hugely negative impact on personal privacy and liberty.

Is technology good or bad?

Technology, then, is a double-edged sword. It has created a world whereby we are able to create so much and do so much that would have been deemed impossible even 50 years before. However, it also creates an uneven world with rampant consumption, increased curbing of personal liberty, and can play a huge role in providing misinformation on a massive, unstoppable scale.

Is technology good or bad? It is a matter of opinion, as either side can easily argue against the other.