mulunggay leaves

For much of the 21st Century, the rise of the internet has made it easier for people to look outside the box when it comes to health and wellness. Being able to properly look after our bodies means using natural ingredients and products that we might otherwise have never heard of or considered using. A fine example of this kind of product would be Malunggay leaves. Some know these are Moringa or Moringa leaves, but they are growing all the time in terms of their popularity.

Indeed, some believe that Malunggay leaves could be the next big boom in the wellness and health world.

What are Malunggay leaves?

Moringa is a vegetable that is used in many cultures across Asia but is increasingly popular in the Philippines. If you ever go to the Philippines and you try a bowl of Tinola, then you are likely to have had some Malunggay leaves already. These are the rich, green leaves that are added to the Tinola to help add another layer of taste and texture.

These leaves have been seen in Filipino culture as a must-use in their culinary practices for a long time now. Though more information is needed, some early studies suggest that Malunggay leaves could provide a natural anti-inflammatory and antifungal property. However, what we do know for certain outside of their supposed health benefits is that it is regarded by the World Health Organisation as a cost-effective health booster.

It is also extremely tasty and can work well in just about any typical soup dish. For that reason, its popularity and the increasing number of people finding out about Malunggay leaves means that it could be a market that explodes in the near future. And it is easy to see why.

Why, though? What could be the main reason why Malunggay leaves might be such a big boom financially in the years to come?

Rapid growth expected in the near future

More or less all reports around the growth of this particular market are positive. Indeed, according to various reports, it is expected that the already large Moringa industry is set to see growth from around its current size of around USD5,000m to as much as USD8,400m by the end of 2026. This would mean that the market could be growing by as much as 80% in the next 5+ years.

As more and more people find out about this product and its outstanding benefits, more people are investing in the product. This means that finding Malunggay leaves on sale in countries that a few years ago would never even have heard of the product is much more likely than one would have expected.

Indeed, this covers the wider market, not only Malunggay leaves. Many products range from teas and beverages to seeds, oils, leaf powders, and more. This product has gone from a little-known mystery to many to one of the fastest-growing food products that you can find in the world today.