Recipes that are heavy on lovely rosemary

When it comes to cooking, the sheer volume of different ingredients that you can work with can make it hard to choose. However, a classic when it comes to cooking food today is rosemary. If you are looking to do some cooking with rosemary, then we highly recommend you look into the following recipes as a starting place. Each of these are recipes that are heavy on lovely rosemary, which can add so much extra flavour and punch to the dish you are making.

If you fancy making a new dish with something a little bit different, then the above list should make it easy to get started. Whether you use these on their own or even combine together a few recipes for a rich rosemary-empowered food, you should find these rosemary recipes can give you everything you are looking for and a bit more on top.

So, take a look today and see for yourself why the following recipes are so popular. Each one can offer something a little bit different from what you might normally go for, and they incorporate just enough rosemary to ensure that it is the dominant flavour within the meal.

Whether you cook with rosemary a lot and need some inspiration or you have never used it much, the following list should ensure y8uo have no problems at all in cooking with this very interesting herb.

The best rosemary recipes to try out today

Rosemary roasted potatoes

A must-try for anyone looking to get into using rosemary in their cooking is this rosemary roasted potatoes recipe. This is a good side to have with just about any traditional meal, and should work a treat for anyone looking for something nice and simple to make.

This works well as the ideal side with most Sunday-style roast dinners, but it will work just as well no matter when or where you choose to use this particular recipe in your cooking. A must-try for sure.

Rosemary focaccia bread

Another interesting recipe from the experts at A Couple Cooks would include this garlic and herb focaccia bread. This bread is a great product to eat away on, offering a simple and easy little side to have with something like a pasta dish. It would also make a great sandwich bread that you could use in so many different ways.

If you use this with a bit of extra garlic and rosemary on top, too, it can become an excellent side dish for something like a pasta. It is an ideal product to make as it is so simple and it can be very versatile moving forward.

Lamb tangine with rosemary

If you want to find a good meal to make that can act as the full dinner, then try out this lamb tangine with figs and rosemary. This link will also take you to several other worthwhile rosemary recipes, but the above is our favourite from the list. It is a delectable dish that you could easily enjoy, and it helps to bring in a nice touch of extra Moroccan-inspired cooking into your collection of foods that you try out.

Definitely one that we recommend to try out for anyone looking for a food dish with a bit of a difference.

Steak au poivre

Another good option for anyone who enjoys their rosemary is to try out this steak au poivre recipe. It’s a fine choice for anyone with a love of steak, helping to add in a whole new level of flavour and satisfaction into the meal itself. It’s a good choice, too, for those who are looking for something that fits in well with a winter evening.

The festive theme of the steak dinner could be ideal for those who need a dinner when the nights are closing in and the heating is on all evening.

Coconut and chickpea trail mix

If you want to add some rosemary inspired snacks into your list, then you should try out this brilliant coconut and chickpea trail mix recipe. It is very easy to make and it is absolutely loaded with flavour, so you should have no problem at all in enjoying this particular product.

It’s also a good one to make up when you need snacks that you can eat when you are busy. From a little trail mix you can tuck into when watching TV or something you can eat when out on a walk, or even as a quick worktime break snack, this works very well and it offers a great level of crunch, flavour, and texture – and, of course, plenty of rosemary! 

So, where will you start?