Recipes that are loaded with garlic

While many see garlic as something to use in small quantities, some dishes can be improved by having lots of garlic in the ingredients column. If you need a hand in coming up with the best recipes that are loaded with garlic, though, you might want to keep your mind open when it comes to the various options available.

Garlic-themed recipes can be a great way to add some extra flavour into a dish, and garlic is also a great cooking ingredient for adding more flavour and depth to a dish. However, if you want to try and improve your use of garlic in cooking, then the following five garlic recipes should give you more than enough to work with.

Each recipe offers something nice and refreshing, while the extra use of garlic can make them a highly satisfying dish to learn how to cook.

Take a look, then, at the following recipes and see for yourself why so many people are using garlic in larger quantities than before. And no, it isn’t to chase away vampires – it’s to make sure that your dishes can be richer, and more unique, then they have been until now.

The best Recipes that are loaded with garlic

Chicken, garlic, and herbs

If you are looking for a way to enjoy some extra flavour in your food, then you should look at this chicken, garlic, and herbs recipe. This is a very easy to make dish, a proper classic, but one that you should easily enjoy from start ‘til finish. You should find that this is a very enjoyable savoury dish, with the garlic, rosemary, and thyme all working together to make a vintage chicken dish that you could enjoy at just about any time of the year.

A great choice for those who want their food to be rich with flavour, but not too hard to make.

Garlic and lemon shrimp

Another good choice would be this garlic and lemon shrimp. This is just what you should be looking for when you need a nice dish that is rich with flavour and energy, but also contains more than enough filling to give you a dinner that keeps you satisfied all night long.

A simple and easy dish to make that is enriched by the use of garlic and lemon. These two ingredients are famous for working together like a pair of flavoursome superheroes.

Garlic fried rice

An excellent addition to any collection of garlic recipes would be this garlic fried rice dish. It is highly enjoyable as a side or even to use as a less filling main. A simple enough dish to make, too, if you are new to working with garlic. This works well as a dish as it can be so satisfying yet it also comes with plenty of other flavours working together in relative harmony to leave you with a very satisfying dish indeed.

 A great choice for anyone who is unsure about garlic-heavy dishes but wants to start somewhere.

Cucumbers and garlic

This might sound a touch risky, but these cucumbers with Ajo Blanco sauce can be a great way to use more garlic in your cooking. This is a great starting place with those who want a more garlic-themed sauce, as this can give you everything you are looking for in terms of flavour

Cucumbers work especially well with this sauce as the mild nature of the cucumber itself can work in total harmony with the flavour of the garlic, vinegar, and almond sauce that you will be making to give this taste the flavour needed.

Garlic potato bake

Looking for a nice and filling lunch that you could make up at any given time? Then be sure to try out this garlic mash potato bake. This is a high class dish that can be easily enjoyed no matter where you choose to use it, and it could also make a good choice for a more filling dish for numerous people all at once.

A good starting place for sure, this bake should give you something that is nice and simple to put together without having to really worry too much about complexity or numerous ingredients. Smart, simple, and highly satisfying: the ideal potato bake!

So, which of the above garlic-inspired recipes do you think you will try out first? Which of these recipes do you think would be most suited to the kind of dishes that you like to make, and the kind of foods that you like to enjoy?