If you are someone who enjoys food with a bit of an extra taste profile to it, you might enjoy anise or aniseed. This particular spice is used in many products and has a very distinctive taste to it. However, if you find it hard to locate an aniseed product that you like, then you might wish to try cooking with it first. With that in mind, why not take a look at the following recipes with aniseed?

Each one can give you something different to make. From loaves of bread to cookies to curries, we have a few different recipes that you should look into below. Each one can offer something different, so why not try them all out and define once and for all whether or not aniseed is for you?

The best recipes with aniseed that will not let you down

Aniseed cookies

If you want to keep things simple, then you should try out some of these awesome aniseed cookies found at Little Sunny Kitchen. The expert there, Diana, is a superstar when it comes to 10/10 baked goods and these cookies are no different. They are a traditional snack in the Middle East, and Diana will have you making them with precision in no time at all.

Definitely one to try out with the kids, too, with that rich blend of aniseed and fennel working together in a very satisfying combination. One that you should consider trying out today.

Aniseed masala curry

Another choice for those who might want a more dinner-based dish, though, would be this chicken masala curry at Allrecipes. The taste is very impressive, and you could find that the recipe provided offers enough masala to feed up to seven people at once.

It is a highly enjoyable and refreshing curry and one that you should really have no problem enjoying if you like a mixture of other spices. Maybe not one for a total cooking beginner, but definitely one that most would enjoy. if you enjoy a curry, this is a recipe you should try recreating. 

Pear and anise tart

If you like baking, then you should start off with this awesome pear and anise tart by Baker Recipes. This is a great site for quality baking recipes, and this particular treat is one that you will be glad that you enjoyed. The end result is a top-class skillet tart is going to be just right for you and the family to enjoy.

The combination of pear and aniseed can be quite a shock at first, but you will find they blend together very well indeed. It is a good choice if you want to keep things more straightforward, too.

Moroccan anise bread

Another option from Baker Recipes would be this tremendous Moroccan anise bread recipe. This tastes fantastic and should be an ideal choice for anyone looking to try and make bread at home. The end result and the taste is going to be very different from anything you might normally buy from the store, too.

This is a flavour-filled bread product that is surprisingly simple to make. We found that it was a very hearty and enjoyable bread, with the aniseed really adding an extra kick to the flavour that is normally missing.

Peach melba

If you fancy an aniseed-inspired dessert then you could do much worse than trying out Spice Spice Baby and their peach melba dessert recipe. This is suitable for just about anyone to enjoy and would be the perfect starting place if you want to add in some aniseed-flavoured desserts to your collection.

One that might be a bit on the powerful side for some. Yet the combination of anise with the other flavours – peach especially – creates something that is very easy to enjoy. Definitely, one for the aniseed artisans to try!

Aniseed cantucci

These famous Tuscan biscuits are a great choice for using some aniseed, as this recipe from Cookist shows. This is a great pick for anyone who is looking for a classy biscuit taste that is rich in texture and in flavour. They are, though, easily made with a minimal amount of ingredients – though they do need to be baked twice to get the right finish.

The end result is a nice hint of anise that shines through whilst working with the rest of this tasty, fragrant treat. One to try out if you like something crunchy but fancy a change-up from the same old, same old.

So, which recipe will you try out first?