chia seeds

If you are someone who is looking to diversify your diet, then you should definitely look to try out some chia seeds. These hugely popular food products are becoming increasingly popular in the world today, and it is easy to see why. Not only do chia seeds provide a very tasty treat, but they can work in all manner of different dishes. Indeed, you have no doubt noticed how many puddings today use chia seeds.

The reasons for this are varied. If you want to make sure you can enjoy the best possible experience, though, you should consider the following recipes with chia seeds as a suitable choice. These could, when used properly, provide you with all of the assistance you need to make sure you can create some high-class foods using the wonderful chia seed as part of the end result. So, what recipes are worth considering?

Chocolate chia pudding

A good place to start for any chia seed pudding recipe would be from this BBC Good Food recipe. This is a highly popular choice as it provides you with an easy way to make highly enjoyable chocolate and chia seed pudding.

The end result is a very healthy pudding that tastes great and should only take you a few minutes or preparation to create. A good choice for those who really want something a little bit more satisfying in their dessert collection, whilst offering a natural source of omega-3 fatty acids in your diet.

Raspberry ripple chia pudding

Building on from the above, this other BBC Good Food recipe gives you a high-class chia pudding to try out. These taste great as it is able to combine the rich flavour of raspberry ripple with the craft of some vegan-friendly chia seeds.

This is a tasty treat and one that could be used for a dessert as easily as it could be used for something like a breakfast dish. Definitely a good one to add to your list if you are looking for something a little bit different to try out with chia seeds.

Chocolate and cashew chia seed pudding

Another option for those who want to make a nice and enjoyable pudding is this Bon Appetit recipe. This is a great choice as it provides you with a delicious combination of chocolate with cashew nuts. The use of some maple yoghurt helps to add another layer of taste to the flavour, whilst the chia seeds work their magic to help add even more taste and texture.

Definitely a good choice for anyone looking for a chia seed recipe that is easy to make and provides you with a huge amount of flavour to enjoy.

Chia seed granola bars

Another good choice from Bon Appetit is these nut butter granola bars. These taste brilliant and offer you an easy way to make sure you can make strong, hearty, and tasty granola bars that are packed with energy and flavour.

These are a good choice, too, as they give you an easy way to get more chia seeds into your diet without having to really get creative. Granola bars make a great breakfast or a suitable snack at lunch, or even after a workout, making them the ideal pairing for your chia seeds.

Chia water drinks

Needing an easy way to get some chia into your diet without eating? Then simply add some chia seeds to your water. All you need to do is add in some chia seeds – around 40g of chia seeds – to around a litre of water. Let this soak for around half an hour.

Feel like the taste is a little bland? Then you should add in a little bit of an orange or a lemon slice to help add in some extra taste. This basic, easy to use recipe allows for effective use of chia seeds without having to even eat, though!

Chia seed oatmeal

Of course, you could also just add some chia seeds into your oatmeal in the mornings. Many people throw them in for some added flavour to the oatmeal as opposed to using less suitable options for their health such as sugar or salt.

This can add a bit of extra taste to the oatmeal, and can also ensure that you get to enjoy a more satisfying meal overall. Oatmeal is already quite a filling dish, so this helps you to make sure that you get even more longevity out of that early morning bowl of oats.

Out of all of the above chia seed recipes, then, which one do you think that you would be the most likely to use if you are looking for something suitable?