salad vinegar recipes

When you want to enjoy a nice salad, it can be tough to find the right blend between taste and texture. For many people, the easiest solution to this is to use some apple cider vinegar. Throw some of this into a salad and it can turn a dour and boring salad into a highly enjoyable little meal. However, as you no doubt know, it can be tough to find good salad recipes heavy on apple cider vinegar.

To help you make sure you can find some good recipes to try out, we highly recommend you look into the following recipes. These should all provide you with the opportunity you need to really enjoy a salad without having to worry about a lack of some ACV.

The best salad recipes with apple cider vinegar

One of the main ingredients in a good salad is a solid quality dressing. Below, we have some recipes for dressings and for full salads. This should make it easy for you to either stick to your normal salad recipe and add in some of the apple cider vinegar for extra taste, or you should be able to make up a nice salad quickly and easily from scratch.

Each of these is easy to follow and very simple to make, so you should find that making a good quality salad is about to become much easier than it used to be.

Orange and sesame dressing

A good starting point, we find, is with this orange and sesame dressing. This is a good way to add a bit of extra punch to your meal, and it can easily go well with either mixed greens or with some shredded cabbage for a coleslaw dish.

It works well as it can add a bit of extra sweet and sour taste, which can go a long way to making sure the dish is as enjoyable as it should be. Salads need to be tasty to ensure you finish them, and this recipe adds that via a sweet & sour dressing.

Orange and oregano dressing

Another good salad dressing recipe would be orange and oregano. This works well as it can offer a very satisfying and elegant taste, whilst making sure you can add in the flavour you need without worrying about too many calories being included.

It adds a very strong flavour with the blend of orange working in tandem with the oregano for something orange-flavoured but quite herby. A little different to most other dressings you might try, but almost certain to make sure you are left with an absolutely fantastic recipe.

Standard apple cider vinegar dressing

Of course, you might want to keep things nice and simple and if that is the case then you should check out Healthy Seasonal Recipes for their interesting take on an ACV dressing. This is a good way to add a lot of extra punch to your food, and it can take a few moments to put together so it is a good recipe for making sure you have something worthwhile and satisfying to enjoy in a few short moments.

A good choice overall for anyone looking to spice things up, and a very easy to use and create a recipe that you should add as a staple to your list.

Apple cider vinegar potato salad

Another good pick would be this option from Proto Pantry. This is a potato salad that is rich in life and highly tasty indeed. It makes a good choice for anyone who might want to add something a bit more endearing into their salad, leaving you with something that is easy to enjoy and very tasty.

The apple cider vinegar helps to add a more potent punch to every part of the dish, making it a positively outstanding choice for anyone looking for a little different from their usual recipes.

Kale salad with butternut squash

A very popular pick for those looking to get a bit more ambitious would be this kale salad with butternut squash. It uses apple cider vinegar to add a nice injection of flavour and life into every bite, whilst the actual salad itself is very healthy. A good choice for anyone who might want to make sure they can enjoy something a little bit different in terms of their flavour choices. Very much a solid recipe and should be easy to make, with the flavours all blending together for a hugely enjoyable overall salad.

So, which of the above recipes will you try out first?