Vitamin E market size over the last few decades

Out of all of the vitamins that we can take today, Vitamin E has long been a neglected vitamin. However, the rise of the health and wellness industry over the last few decades has seen many people take more notice of the less well-marketed vitamins. Vitamins such as Vitamin K are beginning to get more interest from those who want to give their body the best possible chance to fight off illness, fatigue, and infection. With that in mind, there is a rapidly growing market at the moment for Vitamin E.

This particular vitamin has become very popular in the last few years, with immense growth since the turn of the decade. Since the internet has truly boomed in the 2000s, sales for vitamins such as Vitamin E have increased massively – and it is easy to see why. For one, it is easier to find genuine information on what each vitamin can do for our bodies. Therefore, people who have particular health issues can more readily find out what is wrong with them and try out various vitamins and nutrients to see if they can self-manage the problem.

The Vitamin E market is expected to continue to see rapid growth until about 2026 as it stands. Indeed, the market was valued at well over $2bn in 2020, and looks set to reach as large as $3.7bn by the late 2020s. There are various reasons behind both the current growth and the expected continuation of said growth.

What is Vitamin E?

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin that is used to help protect cell membranes from oxygenation. A rich mixture of fat soluble composites, including tocopherols, ensures that Vitamin E is very important to a healthy and balanced diet. However, many people suffer from Vitamin E deficiency not due to dietary issues but more due to issues with digesting dietary fats.

Those who have problems with digesting dietary fat can find that they lack enough Vitamin E in their bodies. This can lead to severe issues with nerves down the line, and it is a reason why the Vitamin E market is growing. Given its importance to healthy and natural bodily function, many choose to take supplements as opposed to relying upon finding Vitamin E in their diets.

Indeed, by helping our bodies to more readily combat oxidative damage to our cells, Vitamin E plays a huge role in the development of a happy and healthy body. One off the main reasons why many are finding out about their need for Vitamin E is due to the COVID pandemic.

As people become more and more aware of their health, and the importance of maintaining that health, many are investing more and more into health products. this means that many people are beginning to find that they are taking more supplements and health-boosting products than ever before.

As health becomes a rotating topic on the news, it makes sense that Vitamin E will continue to see increased awareness and growth.

Will Vitamin E keep growing as a market?

The decades since the turn of the millennium has seen us grow more and more used to learning about Vitamins. Most people do not really look beyond vitamins after the main A-D groups, but vitamins such as Vitamin E are increasingly more understood by the average person as very important indeed. With that in mind, many people are beginning to take more Vitamin E supplements, or include dietary fats that can give them a boost of Vitamin E naturally.

This is not expected to slow down any further, too, with the market itself expected to keep growing. Indeed, older populations are becoming more and more aware of the importance of a varied intake of vitamins during later life. Oxidation in older people can lead to various health issues, so doing anything possible to help reduce the impact of oxidation on the body is very important indeed.

That is why so many people today are choosing to turn to products such as Vitamin E supplements. As the next generation of senior citizens grow up with a penchant for checking things out online, being able to find solutions to oxidation – such as taking more Vitamin E – could become more common.

So, expect the market to continue to rise in the medium-term as more and more people are becoming vitamin-aware in the post-COVID world we now inhabit. Growth of the Vitamin E market is expected to run until the late 2020s, as are most other vitamin markets.