essential oils

Essential oils have been a huge part of the wellness industry for some time now. Using pieces of nature to help ourselves has become commonplace. For centuries, the use of natural products to help deal with everything from headaches to mental stress has been a common starting point. However, today, the essential oil industry arguably is among the largest in the world.

One thing to think about when it comes to essential oils, though, is the sheer amount of options that exist. Essential oils come in so many forms. What, then, are the different types?

How many essential oils are there?

In total, you can find something in the region of 90 essential oils out there. However, the true number extends far beyond this actual sum; there are countless essential oil products out there that you can choose from. If you intend to use such a product at any given time then you should probably take a closer look into the different types of essential oil and what the most suitable types for you might be.

To help you decide, we have put together a simple list of some of the most popular essential oils out there. While some of the most popular options out there include the likes of peppermint essential oils and sandalwood, as well as lavender and jasmine, many other types exist. Here, then, are just some of the products you might wish to look-out for when shopping around.

The most popular essential oils

Peppermint essential oil

Out of all of the most popular essential oils, this is arguably the most commonly used. It is a highly popular choice based on the fact that it can help people to deal with things like boosting energy levels. If you feel like you lack natural ‘vim’ and you are feeling it hard to stay energised, then something like essential oils containing peppermint should be something that you consider trying in the future. We looked for any scientific evidence and there is no study that really showcases medical evidence into this so for now, it seems like all of it is hype and all user experience based.

Bergamot essential oil

This hugely popular oil product has gained a lot of popularity. Most people will use essential oils containing bergamot for things like stress relief however very few studies back this claim up and therefore from the medical community scientists are still not convinced. If you feel like your day-to-day life is getting you down and you are increasingly stressed out, then some believe essential oils could be just the ticket that you are looking for to find some calmness in your life again.

Potentially a choice, too, for those trying to reduce skin breakouts such as eczema however again no real study can back this claim up.

Sandalwood essential oil

This particular essential oil product has become very popular with those who are looking to help focus. For example, if you are in the middle of trying to study for a test or an exam then you might find that using some sandalwood essential oil could save you some valuable time and effort. Instead of getting lost in your own train of thought, this can make it much easier to remain focused, especially when studying. Again nothing really substantial in terms of evidence, actually nothing exists to back this claim and for now this could be infact just a myth and a placebo effect.

Lavender essential oil

Lavender essential oils are becoming very popular with people looking for something effective, simple, and easy to work with. A big reason to go down the route of using lavender essential oil is that it can be easily used to help relieve stress.

Coming home from a hard day at work and want a way to just relax a touch? Then this essential oil product is easily one of the most popular that you could try out.

Tea Tree essential oil

This particular product has been a huge part of the wellness industry for many years. Tea tree essential oils offer a high-class solution for making sure you feel re-energised as it used across a whole array of skin care products. You can also find that it has a natural boosting solution for your skin, so you can generally feel energised when it comes to waking up or in the middle of the day when you need that added facial revamp.

Rose essential oil

Growing in popularity all the time, too, are essential oils made using rose. This is good to help boost your mood and to help relieve some anxiety. A good choice for people who are about to go and sit a test or who need a bit of help calming down and relaxing. It is tough to get things right when you take some essential oils, but rose is good for making sure you can feel a bit calmer than you might normally.

So, which of the above essential oils do you think you would get the most value out of using?