What is a vegan lifestyle?

When it comes to the various diets that we can all take on today, more people are choosing to go meat-free than ever. However, when it comes to such a diet, it can be hard to find the right blend between nutritional balance, food enjoyment, and satisfaction. Many choose such diets to help them lose weight, while others choose it for lifestyle benefits and/or changes they need to make not related to weight. However, if you are new to the art of eating like a vegan, then you might find it hard to understand the vegan lifestyle. So, what is a vegan lifestyle?

For most people, vegan lifestyles are built around the concept of your entire life being vegan-friendly. Some adjust their diets only, yet still continue to use products in their day-to-day life that would clash with the morals of a vegan lifestyle. That is why, for many, the challenge stems not only from changing their diet but changing their day-to-day lifestyle.

Giving on a range of products that might not be suitable to the vegan lifestyle can be tough. It can force people to make some pretty drastic commitments that can be hard to stick to. All it takes is one day where they ‘give in’ and they could be back to square one in terms of living the vegan lifestyle.

With that in mind, we want to break down a few of the key factors that play a role in adhering to the vegan lifestyle.

All animal ingredients must go

So, the main challenge for most adapting to the vegan lifestyle is that they must cut out ALL animal products. This does not mean only cutting out animal-based foods, which is surprisingly simple for many of us. No, it means making changes to even things like the clothing you wear, the skin care products you use, and various other day-to-day essentials.

This is where many struggle; they can find it hard, for example, to balance out their wardrobe. They might find that many of their staple brands and/or clothing types are not suited to living the life of a vegan. This means that they need to spend time locating, researching, and trialling out other ethical clothing brands.

It also comes down to things like our skincare and personal care products. it might mean having to give up on things like a popular skincare product you use, or a shampoo that you swear by. Living the vegan lifestyle to its full means making some pretty significant choices.

It also means being willing to commit more time again to try to find the right alternatives to going for the same old, same old. With that in mind, you should absolutely take a look at the vegan lifestyle and how committed you could really be.

Many commit, make their commitment public and then find they are not really cut out for the vegan lifestyle. They are not willing to make the sacrifices that are expected.

There is more to a vegan lifestyle than food

As mentioned above, there is much more to the idea of being a vegan than simply cutting out animal products. This means that while you are cutting out things like animal meats, you are also cutting out things like dairy and eggs. Some even include honey in this. This means that you also need to stop using any products which include these as ingredients.

For many, vegan lifestyle living also means contributing to a cleaner world. A large part of the concern on the part of most vegans is that they can really struggle with the idea of creating a polluted world that does not help the animal kingdom. With that in mind, many also look to make changes to their other lifestyle activities. This could include, but is not limited to:

  • Getting rid of products that use fossil fuels and other environmentally damaging power sources
  • Cleaning up waste and stop using products that are single-use such as most forms of plastic
  • Swapping out products which are made by using animal environments and habitats in their creation
  • Removing and cleaning up waste from animal habitats that could otherwise cause lifestyle issues

For many people in the vegan lifestyle, the aim is to create a world that is generally healthier and less ‘sick’ than that of the current world. Whether that involves a simple dietary change, removal of popular products and services from your life, or simply doing more to clean up the environment, there are many ways to live the vegan lifestyle.

The main thing to remember is this: you need to commit.